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MarcheProvence.com is your E-store for “Best of Provence” Products

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Pricing of Merchandise on MP Site: All merchandise items are priced in US Dollars as our Default currency, and customers can choose any of the following currencies: Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen to see prices and to calculate total order pricing, shipping and any other applicable fees for Checkout in same currency selected.  The billing to customer will be done in the currency selected by the customer.
Language Translation: Shoppers have the choice to have all the product text description and all other information on the MP site translated from our default language of English to either: French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, Czech by clicking the nationality flag symbol at the upper right hand corner on any page of the web site.  

Delays in Customer Order Fulfillment:

We strive to have in stock all items listed for sale on our web site, so we can ship ordered items on the same day we receive the order or on the following business day.  But, there are times when we run out of stock on popular products ordered by customers.  If we are out of stock on any item, we enter re-orders of these items to our suppliers in France once a week and typically receive the re-order shipments within 3-5 days of our order entries.  When re-order items are delivered to us from France, we will immediately ship you your order of both the in-stock items and recently received re-ordered items.  This out of stock condition could effect your online orders to us.  If we are temporarily out of stock on one or more items on your order, we will send you an email that informs you of a delay you should expect on the timing fulfillment of your order.  

Ask a Question?...Call Chuck at  224-575-3325 ....Do a Phone Order in Minutes!  to discuss an order fulfillment delay condition, whereby we will try to help you get an immediate shipment of an order to you by substituting another similar item(s) in place of any out of stock item(s) on your original online order.

Lifetime Product Guaranty: You can return any item, for any reason, at any time, New or Used...No Questions Asked by Us... if you are not fully satisfied with your order.  Return the product(s) for a full store credit, refund or exchange.  You only need to include a copy of the invoice you received, or write a note referencing the order number that we emailed to you from our Customer Order Confirmation Process. Please include: Your Name and Address and a Brief Reason for the return so we can improve our product quality or service to you.  We fully understand that after receiving any of our products, you may feel that the items purchased are just not right in your mind as to the design colors, shape or size that you may have expected.

We would appreciate an email or phone call to notify us of the return.  Upon receipt we will refund the original order or item(s) purchase amount back to you.  Merchandise returns on “special orders” will not be accepted by MP, nor any Return or Exchange credit allowed, unless there is a defect in the quality of the materials used in its fabrication, or if the is a fabrication defect.  Marche Provence pays the return postage on any returned items.

Exchanges: If for any reason you receive your ordered product(s) and the color, style, size, etc.., is not satisfying to you, you can return the item(s) to MP for a full in-store credit that you can apply to replacement MP items of your choice.   Marche Provence pays the postage for returned items on exchanges and the outgoing postage on replacement items. 

( At Times, a Tablecloth's Colors, Design, Size or Shape may not work for your table...Just Return or Exchange It....We Understand....Do EZ- Returns & Exchanges with us! ) 

Shipping Terms:  $3.00 Marche Preferred Customer Prime Flat Rate USA Destination Shipping & Handling for Any Weight Up to 70 Pounds.* $35 Flat Rate Shipping Anywhere Outside the USA. 

Damaged Merchandise Shipped to you:  If you receive damaged merchandise from MP you can return the damaged goods for a full credit including the outgoing shipping costs to you.   Please call or email us for instructions regarding damaged merchandise you may have received.

Special Orders:  Special orders (Products of special/custom size, shape, color, style, etc… Not Shown or Listed on the MP site) must be prepaid in full. Special order items are typically entered to us via an Email or Phone Request when you desire a product(s) similar to those listed on the MP site for sale and are in-stock, but you need different size, color, shape, etc than what MP is showing.  Your MP customer service representative can potentially offer a “Special Order Product(s)” to fulfill your needs.  Special Orders are typical for a customer seeking larger sizes, styles or shapes in table coverings.  We can usually Special Order these items from our manufacturer.  Delivery time is indicated by MP at the time we accept the Special Order, and is an “approximate time”, as many factors can affect fabrication and shipping time (material availability, manufacturer's fabrication timing, shipping delays, etc...).

Order Payments:  Marche Provence Accepts:  Checkout Payment Options Accepted or you can mail us a personal or business check from your account, or a Cashiers, Certified or Personal Money Orders.  All credit card payments are handled using MP’s secure third-party transaction processing for your protection through National Bank Card Corporation.  Neither National Bank Card or Marche Provence store, save or file the credit and debit card information of customers in order to prevent identiy theft of this customer information.

 Gift Registry and Your Want or Wish List:  You can review your registry for any occasion under the My Wish/Want/Gift List tab at top of MP site pages.  First Sign In or Register yourself on our MP site.   Then as you shop on or explore the MP site, Click on "Add to My Wish/Want/Gift List" tab below each item you desire to be on your list.   Then, to see the items you have selected for your List, just Click on My Wish/Want/Gift List.  When you want to notify (Share To) a family member, friend or other person of what you Like as a "Wish, Want or Gift" idea for yourself, then use the Share tab on your My Wish/Want/Gift List account page to add in email address(s) of people you want to show your List to, and also type in a Message or Comment as to what you would like them to do with your "Wish, Want or Gift" item selections.  Also, if you want them to buy something as a Gift for you, then they can request Gift Wrapping and Gift Message from MP to do in handling their gift order to you.   You can cancel any selected Wish/Want/Gift List item(s) by simply Logging In first, and then navigating to your My Wish/Want/Gift List directory, and then Deleting any item(s).

Products Quality and Fabrication Consistency:  We purchase and offer for sale products that are Made in France.  Our style and designs of products are mostly those of Southern France in the Provence Region.  Products of table linens have many pattern variations and color combinations, and shades of colors, that may have the same or similar names color shades or tones different geographical areas of production.  It is often the case that color tones can vary from lighter to darker and in "tones" meaning the warmth or blend of color, such as with the color Red that can appear to be more Pinkish, to an extreme of being more like Terracotta, or with Blue being light like the Sky, to darker as of a Navy Blue.  It is the legacy of Provence to have a lot of diversity in color shades within the same color name.  We do not have any control over the changes in color shades or tones used in the fabrics of our products.  Regarding table linens variations in the stated dimensions of linens, there can be size variation of up to + or - 2 inches in the stated size of a linen, which is usually and acceptable tolerance due to the edge hemming processes.

Ask a Question?...Call Chuck at  224-575-3325 ....Do a Phone Order in Minutes!