Story of Provence Table Linens Fabrication

“The Amazing Story of Provence Table Linens Fabrication”  Marge of Marche Provence by Marge of Marche Provence

Some Provence Fabric Patterns and Colors are as follows:


Avignon Blue  Bastide Allover Red  Calissons on Blue  Cigales Locusts  Poppies and Lavender on Blue


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 How has Provence become so popular for its tablecloths, placemats and napkins, and the exquisite pattern designs which are used in Provence and around the globe in “Provence Theme” dining table settings?

Provence fabrics were first fabricated in France during the 17th century using similar methods and designs of imported fabrics from India. But, in1700, the French Royalty banned the importation of  Indian fabrics.  In place of imported fabrics, French fabric production commenced in Provence and grew during the next three hundred years, at factories in Orange, Avignon, Tarascon, and Aix. 

Old World French Water Powered Weaving Looms and Fabric Patterns of the Early 1800s

Old World French Weaving Looms  Historical Provence Fabrics  Historical Provence Fabrics  Historical Provence Fabric Patterns

Note the Calissons patterns above replicating small flower buds that are in what is termed the "Allover" pattern.  Very common today is the use of Calisson buds as an integral part of MARAT and Tissus Toselli pattern tablecloths that we sell to our Provence oriented customers.  The plain Allover Calissons patterns below do not have any associated long banner designs of olive branches, flower stems or other vine images.  So, using Allover pattern Calisson cloths create a more tranquil look that will not fight or compete with other intricate flower or olive patterns nearby in the kitchen or dining areas on chair seats, curtains, wall pictures, etc.  Allover patterns are just two-color patterns of the base cloth color and Calisson color.  See below:

Allover Bastide   Allover  Allover Yellow

 French Bolts of Finest Cotton Weaving Thread Used Today   

 Spools of Weaving Thread


French Cotton Fabric is a High Quality Modern Fabric Weaving Process

Rolls of Woven fabric


Printing to the Cotton Fabric Using Multiple Color Pattern Separation Screens 

 French Pattern Fabric Printing

These modern fabrics are mostly used for interior decoration and tablecloths and are brilliant multi-colored prints in floral and geo patterns. Originally, the dyes were mixed from Provence natural materials and each color design is applied by separate imprints.  Fabricators utilize a multiple of fabric printing screens to overlay many different colors within each pattern configuration.

Moustiers  Roses and lavender  Ramatuelle  Blue on Yellow  Red Poppies on Blue  Citron

Marche Provence offers 200 differing fabric patterns and colors, in round, square and rectangular tablecloths.  Ladies that are setting up very long family banquet tables utilize multiple 80 and 120 inch long cloths in an end-to-end overlay to seat 20 or more diners.  In Provence, all the square and rectangular fabric cloths are approx 60 inches wide and run to typically 120 inches long per cloth.  The rectangular cloths come in 20 inch longer increments from 60 to 120 long, whereby 20 inches is the added cloth length to accommodate an extra diner on each side of the table.

So....if one were seating 10 people on each side of a long table the cloth should be approx 200 inches long, plus a 10 inch drop of the cloth off the table ends for a total cloth length of 220 inches.  The table setup would then utilize two 120 long cloths that have an overlay in the middle of the table.  

Since Provence cotton print cloths utilize a banner or Rayure lineal pattern, the pattern runs the length of the cloth and makes for an invisible cloth overlay.  Round Provence tablecloths use a 70 inch wide base fabric that is cut and hem finished.  Marche Provence guides ladies in doing long Provence decor banquet table setups for outdoor gatherings, wedding receptions and special high diner volume events.

 Long Night Dining  Long Provence Table Settings  Provence Long Dinner Tables  Long Tables Provence

There are a number of companies based in Provence that continue the tradition of fabric making and produce high quality authentic Provence tablecloths, cotton table napkins, quilted placemats and TIDY bread baskets…Tissus Toselli and MARAT D'Avignon.  We offer all-authentic Provence table linens to our customers that relish the Provence dining look.


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