Tablecloth and Runner Sizing Guide

Tablecloth Sizing Guide 

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Table Covering Sizing Guide


How to pick the best size tablecloth

Determining your "tablecloth drop from table edge"
The tablecloth drop is the length of the tablecloth that hangs off the table sides. In general, we suggest having a drop of from 6" to 15" but it often comes down to personal taste. Sometimes it depends on the tablecloth itself. Some patterns have intricate corners and are designed to look very elegant with a longer drop. Many tablecloth styles have patterns along the border, especially round cloths, where you likely want to see the full “border pattern” hanging below the table’s round edge.

What are your table dimensions? Rectangular…Length and Width in Inches, Square…Equal length on each edge, Round…Diameter in Inches, Oblong…Similar to Rectangular sizing. Determine the tablecloth size you need by taking the dimensions of your table and adding 2-times the amount of drop you want on each side in inches, and add that to the table size dimensions. (Example: If you have a table that is 60" long and 40" wide and desire 6-10 inch edge-drop, then a rectangular tablecloth that is 60" wide x 80" long would nicely fit your table.)

How do I select the best length based upon the number of diners at my long table?

A basic way to do that is allow a table lengthof 24" per diner at your table.  So, if you were doing a seating for 12 diners, 5 on each side and one at each end, you would use a 140" long cloth, which allows a 10" drop at each end leaving 120" on the tabletop, divided by 24" for each diner, allows for 5  24" spaces for 5 people on each side.  If you were setting a seating for 10 diners with 4 diners on each side, the you would need a 120" long cloth...120" less 10" of drop on each end leaves 100" of length for 4 people on each side.

If I Know the tablecloth dimensions for a cloth I like - what size table will it look good on? Determine the drop you like of 6”- 15”, then multiply the drop length by 2, For a 10” drop, that’s 20” , and then subtract 20” from the cloth length, and you need a (118” cloth minus 20” for drop = 98” long table) 98” long table ,add-in or take-out table leave extensions to lengthen or shorten the table to a desired length to fit the cloth. 

We offer tablecloths in rectangular sizes of from 48" to 140" in length by 60-63 " wide.  For rectangular cloths having "Lineal Patterns- Patterns that run the length of the tablecloth", they can have a nice fit and look for dining tables with or without the leaves in place.  And for our 60" Wide x 98" long rectangular cloths with "Oval Placed Patterns" in the center, these look great on dining tables with leaves in or out and the 98" long cloth can fit nicely for setting a table for 6-8 diners.
Not sure of the size of your table?  Use the guide below to see the tablecloth sizes available, common table sizes, and various seating conditions.

Selecting cloths for square tables... Square tablecloths can be used in several ways. Square cloths can cover a round table, and square cloths can be laid at diagonal so the cloth’s corners are pointing to the centers of each of the 4 rectangular table edges.


Table Runner Sizing...There are two types of fabrics that Provence runners are made of: Quilted/Padded Cotton Table Runners and Jacquard Woven Table Runners.  Each type is available in approx 20" to 24" wide and from approx 40" to 70" long based upon the max and min dimensions available from Provence fabricators of each style/design runner produced.

When using a runner on a dining table, the runner size should be such as to leave about 18" of open space at each end of the runner to the table edges at each end. Further, use a runner width that will leave approximately 12" of open space on each side of the runner to the sides of the table.  As a result, with the runner in the center of a rectangular table there will be enough space for place settings on the bare wood or on placemats to accomodate the diners....Most of our Provence placemats are 12" wide x 18" long.

Example: if your table were 8 feet long in its fully extended length and a typical 40-48" wide dining table, then an ideal size runner is the largest runner of 20" wide by 63" long.  

( At Times, a Tablecloth's Colors, Design, Size or Shape may not work for your table...Just Return or Exchange It....We Understand....Do EZ- Returns & Exchanges with us! )

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