Popular French Provence Tablecloth Print Patterns

“About Popular French Provence Fabric Print Patterns” ... Provence Tablecloth Designs

 Marge of Marche Provence by Marge of Marche Provence

Tissus-Toselli and MARAT D'Avignon Table Linens Designs:


Avignon Blue  Bastide Allover Red  Calissons on Blue  Cigales Locusts  Poppies and Lavender on Blue


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This is an introduction to French Provence printed cotton fabric patterns.  Many customers I work with want to know “What pattern and color will look the best on my table and in my home or on my patio?  My comments below should help shoppers make a good tablecloth selection choice.  

French Provence Table Linens and Decor items of Provence Tablecloths, Placemats, Napkins, Bread Baskets, Kitchen Aprons, Table Runners, Pillow Covers and Sofa Throws feature a broad array of design and color patterns that has evolved over 1,000 years.  Many Provence towns, locals, communes and cities fostered these design creations. 


 1.  Allover” patterns are of small images called Calissons (flower buds) repeated across the tablecloth.

     Allover Bastide   Allover  Allover Yellow


 2.   Other more unique Calisson patterns are The “Cigale” Locusts that is traditionally used for patterns on pottery and printed linen in Provence.  The Cigale is an iconic agricultural symbol in Provence.  This Cigales Patterncomes in tablecloths, placemats, napkins and the TIDY Bread Basket.


      Cigales  Cigales Cigales        

 3.  There are patterns that show arrays of Olives, Poppies, Lavender, Lemons, Roses, Bordeaux Wines, or a Montage of Provence little Calisson shape icons…flower buds.

     Arrays Arrays  Arrays  Arrays

4.  Most Provence table linens patterns focus on long banner style pattern themes that run the length of square and rectangular tablecloths, known as Rayure (stripe) in French.  This is done to offer very long continuous pattern cloths for large banquet table(s) setups.  Marche Provence offers cloths that run to 120” long for large family or event table setups.  Often, the ladies ask for extra-long cloths for very long tables, yet the simple solution to long table covering is just to use multiple rectangular cloths of the same pattern and overlay the cloths ends on each other.  Such as, buy 2  60 x 80 size cloths and when you have a short table, use one 80 long cloth and when the table set up is to be longer, then use 2  60 x 80 long cloths end to end for up to 160” coverage area.  Call us at 224-575-3325   for our suggestions in doing large dining events that will use long tables for many guests and an authentic Provence dining theme is desired.


 5.  Rectangular Rayure or stripe/banner pattern tablecloths include patterns that show arrays of Olives, Poppies, Lavender, Lemons, and Roses

            Rayure   Rayure   Rayure Rayure


 6.  These pattern tablecloths are also available in Square  Round Rectangles and Oval patterns.


Square…The effect is stripped and runs continuously for the width of a typical 60” square cloth.

       Square Square Square  Square

Round…This displays a circular border pattern and an emblematic centerpiece picture of the Lemons, Olives, Roses etc.

       Round Round Round Round


Oval…These are “Silkscreen placed” oval printed patterns that go all around a rectangular 60 x 100 tablecloth and also have corner emblematic pictures.

       Oval  Oval Oval Oval


A word about Coated Tablecloths. These are a fabulous innovation – cotton fabric is treated with a sheer Teflon or an Acrylic coating, which makes the tablecloth stain repellent. The spillages simply wipe off. This makes this type of Provence tablecloth absolutely ideal for high traffic/use areas such as the kitchen or outdoor patio tables. The cool thing about this coating is that although there is a light sheen to the tablecloth, because the tablecloth is made of cotton (and not plastic or oilcloth) the tablecloth drapes nicely at the corners or round edges and it will not stick out awkwardly.