French Provence Jacquard Loom Weaving is An Old World Process in Use Today as “The Art of Provence”     by Marge

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One of the amazing textile production processes is "Jacquard Weaving" of Provence, where companies there continue the Old World weaving process to fabricate beautiful patterns in woven tablecloths, runners and couch pillow covers.

 Jacquard Weaving Machine

 The Jacquard process and loom attachment are named after the inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752–1834). This equipment is probably the most important weaving invention, as Jacquard weaving made possible the automatic production of unlimited selections of pattern weaving. The name "Jacquard" is not limited to any particular loom, but refers to the added control mechanism that automates the weave patterning...the use of "Wood Cards" that control the weaving process.

Original Jacquard Looms…

Originally, the Jacquard machines were mechanical, and the fabric pattern was stored on a series of punched or programed wood cards, which were joined to form a continuous chain.

 Jacquard Weaving Machine


 The Jacquards were small and independently controlled a relatively few warp ends. This required a number of repeat passes across the loom width.  Much larger capacity machines, or the use of multiple machines, allowed greater control, with fewer repeat weave passes, and that allowed for larger designs that could be woven across the loom width.


Jacquard Punch Machine                   Operator Punching the Card Codes

Jacquard Punch Machine                                                 Jacquard Punch Operator

A factory must choose the looms mechanisms to suit its commercial requirements. As a rule, the more warp control required, the higher the expense.  The Jacquard machines are costly to maintain so woven products are of higher cost compared to "printed cotton patterns", as they are complex and require higher skilled personnel, and an expensive design system is needed to prepare the designs for the loom, and likely a card-cutting machine.

Weaving is more costly than printed cotton fabrics, since Jacquard mechanisms are likely to produce occassional faults. Also, the looms can not run as quickly and down-time can increase, because it takes a lot of time to change the chain of cards when a fabric pattern design changes. For the reasons above, it is opportune to weave larger linens batches with mechanical Jacquard equipment.

 Jacquard Operator


Having Jacquard woven tablecloths, runners and home décor linens is a fascinating desire among the French and Francophiles all over the world, as the Jacquard patterns have beautiful composition, tapestry refief, and extremely precise color seperation combinations.  Today, the linens are made of Polyester and Cotton for added strength, fabric stability, and EZ cleaning.  Jacquard is the ultimate in LUXE decor fabrics that is well appreciated by those that love "The Best of Provence" in decor linens. 

Here are examples of Jacquard linens that are people today across the US marketplace.  Marche Provence  carries a broad line of Jacquard Items.


      Jacquard Tablecloths                     Jacquard Runners                         Jacquard Couch Pillow Covers

 Jacquard Tablecloth          Jacquard Runners                                   Jacquard Pillow Covers


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