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Acrylic-Coated-Vinyl-Oilcloth Cotton Fabrics...Coated Cotton Tablecloths…The Term "Coated Tablecloths" applies to all currently fabricated French tablecloths that have a water-proof and stain-proof Acrylic coating applied to a cotton tablecloth...other coating names such as Vinyl, OilCloth, Plasticized or any other sealant coating is comparable to the now modern-day coating of Acrylic that is applied to the top-only of a cotton print tablecloth to give the same protections as the earlier generation coating versions of:  Vinyl, Oilcloth or Plasticized.

Spot Removal Tips on New Acrylic Coated Print Cotton Tablecloths...A newly purchased coated tablecloth will have some creases. These can be easily removed by light warm ironing on the reverse side, or they will gradually disappear via gravity when put on your table, and the folding creases just flatten out.  If you get a dried stain on a coated printed cotton tablecloth and it seems hard to clean off (even News Print Stains), our customers are advising the use of “Goo Gone” Goo Gone  cleaner....cost about $2 for a 2 oz bottle at stores!

Uncoated Cotton Printed Tablecloths * Kitchen Dish Towels * Placemats * Napkins * Aprons…Machine wash in cold or warm water with a delicate cycle.  Never use bleach or any added detergent boosters or stain remover additive with Provence plain cotton or printed cotton table linens.  Use only a front load tumble washing machine on delicate cycle, rather than a top load machine, which uses a back and forth agitator, which can cause damage or fatigue to fine fabrics and sewing seams and hems.  (Top load agitator washing machines are in general very abusive to most fabrics because of the "back and forth" stress on garments and linens.)  Tumble dry on low-temperature setting or hang dry for best results.  Some warm ironing may be required.

EZ-Care Acrylic Coated Tablecloths "Can Last Forever"!  In a 2017 Survey we conducted by talking with over 100 of our Senior Age Lady Customers, who have purchased and used Provence & French Country tablecloths that are Made in France going back 20 or more years, who have used Coated tablecloths versus Plain Cotton Tablecloths, are saying: "These coated cloths never wear out!  The average comment is that coated tablecloths last up to 4-times longer.  Why?....It is because there is usually no need to ever wash a coated tablecloth in a washing machine.

If you just wipe away any liquid spills immediately during use, then the spill will not dry on the coated cloth surface and get down into the thread crevices of the coated fabric surface.  Wiping up spills immediately make dining life so EZ because when dinner is over, just wipe off the cloth surface with a damp cloth and let dry, and put the cloth away.  It is the lack of need to hardly ever wash the coated cloth in a washing machine, that preserves the coated cloth's usable life span to "Forever".

Washing any fine plain cotton fabric in a washing machine frequently breaks done the cloth fibers and sewn-in hemming...that is what shortens the life of most plain cotton fabric table linens.  These opinions come from face-to-face conversations with our customers at Botanic Garden Events & French Farmers Markets.  These ladies live in states like Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Illinois, New York and have a broad mix of climate conditions with 1st, 2nd & 3rd homes, and who do a lot of dinner parties indoors and outdoors.

Acrylic Coating has a stain proof coating for EZ Care.  Stains won't penetrate the linens. Just wipe off.  No washing necessary!  Use wet cloth to clean or wipe off the spills as soon as they occur....Do not let a spill dry on to the tablecloth!  These cloths can be periodically machine washed in cold or warm water in a front load tumbler washer on delicate cycle without losing the coating.  Never add bleach or any added stain remover to the washer with Provence table linens.  Use of a top load agitator washing machine is not advised, rather use only a front loading washer and on gentle or delicate cycle.  Hang to dry, please iron, if necessary, on the "reverse side" only with a warm iron.  Do not dry clean coated cotton fabrics.

Jacquard Tablecloths, Pillow Covers in 100% Cotton or 60/40 Poly/Cotton:  If you use a washing machine, use only a front load tumbler washer on the most gentle or delicate cycle.  Never use a top load back and forth agitator washing machine because the agitation can damage Provence fine fabrics.  Hand washable in cold or warm water.  Gentle machine washes in cold or warm water.  Tumble dry on low-temperature setting or hang dry for best results.  Iron on warm to the low setting on the reverse of pattern side only.  Can be dry-cleaned. 

Fabric Care Labels...Please check and follow any French Fabric Care Symbols shown on printed on the “Sewn in Tag” on your fabric product.   If no Fabric Care Symbol tag is attached, then follow the care directions and precautions presented above.

TIDY Bread Baskets:  These fabric baskets have internal poly forms for the framing.  To clean a fabric Bread Basket, simply wash it off in the kitchen sink, having the tap water run all over the basket.  Use a little dish soap if there is a stain, rinse it off, and hang-up or lay flat to air-dry.

Marche Provence does Lifetime Guarantee & Replacements on Tissus-Toselli and MARAT D'Avignon brand cotton print tablecloths, placemats, napkins and fabric bread baskets.  This Lifetime Guarantee of Replacement, for any reason of dissatisfaction whatsoever applies to both any Tissus-Toselli and MARAT D'Avignon brand products we carry, no matter if you have bought these products from Marche Provence or from any other seller in the USA or in any other country, we extend to you the same EZ exchange replacement guarantee over your lifetime of product ownership...even if you purchased your linen items in Provence!  Please Email Us at for Tissus-Toselli or MARAT products replacement help.

Simply, Call us at 224-575-3325 for Exchange or Replacement details to get the replacement process done by Marche, while you are on the phone in just "One Phone Call". (No paperwork needs to be submitted by you)....We just email you a prepaid return shipping label, you send us back the product(s) you want to be replaced, and we send you back new product replacements free of charge of the same exact items if they are still in fabrication by Tissus-Toselli and MARAT D'Avignon.  If any replacement products are not currently in fabrication...You then select a close replacement design and color you want as a free of charge substitute from our website